Our HART home is located in Chubbuck, Idaho and is an assisted living with Diamond Peak Health Care and their mental health needs are overseen by Bella-Nacole Mental Health Services.

These sister companies work together to help stabilize clients with severe and persistent mental illness, and aid them in staying out of the hospital, jail, and other systems. These residents live in the Diamond Peak Assisted living facility, and through the week attend a day program at Bella-Nacole. At Bella-Nacole our residents receive Primary Care, Med Management, Individual and group therapy, Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS), Case Management, and Peer Support.

Qualifications for the HART home are sobriety, medication compliance, attendance of services, and qualifying mental health diagnosis (Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective, Bipolar I, ect.). Our team reviews all referrals to determine if an individual would be appropriate for our program.

All HART residents are asked to participate in Bella-Nacole services to achieve and maintain stability. Our residents agree to not use any unprescribed substances either inside or outside of the HART. We ask our residents to commit to medication compliance but encourage the most autonomy possible. Medications are distributed by medication certified individuals.

Our program has multiple services in place to help individuals reach their fullest potential. We utilize evidence-based practices, including DBT and CBT, to help our members move toward their goals.

  • Case management is offered to facilitate access to resources that support progress. This can include setting up specialty appointments, applying for certain funding, or identifying community resources that will benefit the individual.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) provides one-on-one education and training in all areas, including social skills, activities of daily living, and vocation/education. CBRS aids to practice skills learned in therapy in the environment with prompting and support in order to master them.
  • Peer Support Services model recovery from mental illness and/or addiction and provide support, encouragement, and lived experience to help members reach their goals.
  • Individual Therapy helps to address the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that create barriers in the members' lives through education, skills building, and relationship.
  • Group Therapy allows individuals to recognize they are not alone in their struggles and build tools to manage their mental health symptoms in a group atmosphere. This atmosphere also encourages positive social interaction and vulnerability.
  • Skills Training and Development (STAD) groups are held to encourage mindfulness, social skills, financial skills, healthy lifestyles, mindfulness.
  • Medication Management is a collaborative effort between a member and their health care provider, focusing on understanding mental health medications, how they work together, and taking them at the appropriate times with the goal of improving your health.
  • Primary Care Services cover a range of prevention, wellness, and treatment for common illnesses and health issues.

Individuals from the HART home and individuals from our Diamond Peak facility who have chosen Bella-Nacole to be over their mental health attend our day program Monday-Thursday from 9-3 where they receive all the services listed above. We offer some services in their homes as well. At our day program, all our team is able to see the members and their behaviors which helps with coordination of care and maintaining their stability. They have access to their PCP/Med Manager which allows for consistent monitoring of progress. At our program, we are a family!

If you feel you have a client, loved one, or yourself who could benefit from our services, please fax records to the number listed below or reach out to us by phone or email. Records should include mental health diagnosis, history, medical needs, and any other records that would be needed to determine the appropriateness of an individual for our program. Records can be faxed to 208-904-4443. Melissa Ourada can be contacted directly for any referrals for our program. Her email is melissa@diamondpeakcare.com and she can be reached by phone at 208-220-8606.